EGB 4-In-1 DermaSpatula Ultrasonic SkinCare Enhancing Tool

EGB 4-In-1 DermaSpatula Ultrasonic SkinCare Enhancing Tool

EGB 4-In-1 DermaSpatula Ultrasonic SkinCare Enhancing Tool

The EGB 4-In-1 DermaSpatula Ultrasonic SkinCare Enhancing Tool is the perfect device for your skincare needs. Utilizing ultrasonic energy, it cleanses and enhances your skin's surface, resulting in a smoother look and feel. Extracting clogged pores and infusing nutrients ensures your skin remains healthy and rejuvenated. With the added bonus of vibration massage, your skin will never look better.

Bonus: The skin spatula gives high-frequency currents so that your scalp can be stimulated when you penetrate the skin with the scalp oil!


  • Cleaning mode deeply removes and cleans dirt and oil
  • Ion+ technology removes the dirt and debris from your skin at a particle level after the Cleaning treatment has been completed
  • Ion-technology pushes your serums, creams or moisturizers about 3-5 mm into the skin for maximum benefits of your products
  • Lifting mode helps tighten and lift your skin with electronic muscle stimulation (EMS)
  • Cord free
  • Rechargeable battery

Warning: Beware of the use of foreign adapters, chargers, or cords other than those included with your product. Using incompatible, counterfeit, or non-certified accessories can cause fire or accidents. Please match the voltage or contact the manufacturer for replacement.
Disclaimer: This is not a tool to treat or cure psoriasis, dermatitis, or any other skin condition, this tool will give you some symptom relief until your condition is cured. We highly recommend to seek a dermatologist and hair care specialist along with using the skin spatula. Please do not use the spatula on skin that is cracked, bleeding or have abrasions.
How to use:

  • Use the hair mist for dermatitis and contact dermatitis conditions to relieve the symptoms of excessive skin cells and scalp irritation.
  • Part hair in small sections
  • Spray the hair mist or apply the scalp oil/serum (depending on your scalp condition)
  • Gently glide the spatula on your skin until the full head is completed
  • Follow up with EGB shampoo (clarifying / moistening), conditioner, and hair mist
  • Style as desired
  • Use the scalp oil for dandruff and psoriasis conditionsandoil or serumhasbleeding,specialist,outseekingcondition;for a to relieve symptoms of itchiness and flakes.

Directions for the FACE

  • Remove makeup before using device. Hold the power button down for 3 seconds to power on and power off the device. To change modes while the device is on, just click the power button.
  • Cleanse: Use to cleanse skin with your favorite cleanser.
  • Enhance: Use to enhance delivery of your favorite skincare products.
  • Extract: Use to help extract surface dirt from your pores; it should be used on moistened or wet skin.

Returns: We don’t accept returns once the product has left our facility and the package is delivered.
We are not responsible for packages that have been mishandled by the carrier and may have resulted in damaged or lost items. As though our packages are insured, we ask that you report a claim to UPS for any lost or damaged items.



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