Deep Conditioners

Deep Conditioners

Deep Conditioners

Deep Conditioning Services

Enhance the health and appearance of your hair with our specialized deep conditioning services, designed to cater to various hair care needs.

  1. Hot Oil / Moisturizing Treatment - $50.00
    Experience ultimate softness and revitalization. This treatment deeply moisturizes the hair, making it silky and manageable. Ideal for those looking to replenish moisture and add a vibrant sheen to dull hair.
  2. Protein & Moisture Treatment - $65.00
    Combat hair breakage with this dual-action service. By infusing your hair with essential proteins and moisture, this treatment enhances strength and elasticity, significantly reducing breakage and promoting healthier hair.
  3. Luxury Steam Hydration Treatment with Photo Dynamic Therapy - $55.00
    Indulge in a transformative hair spa experience. This advanced treatment uses vaporized steam to enhance the penetration of moisture, conditioners, and color treatments deep into the hair follicles. Enhanced with Photo Dynamic Therapy, it incorporates:

Blue Light Therapy: Effectively kills bacteria, addressing the root causes of dandruff and scalp psoriasis.
Red-Light Therapy: Provides relief for conditions like scalp psoriasis, aids in healing slow-healing wounds, and alleviates side effects of chemotherapy.
Ozone Treatment: Boosts blood circulation, reduces hair loss, and eliminates microbial infections on the scalp.

Each of these treatments is designed to target specific hair concerns, ensuring your hair not only looks great but feels healthy and strong. Book your session today to give your hair the nourishment it deserves!


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